Our Partners

We believe there is more intelligence and know how in multiple heads and not just one. We have therefore carefully selected partners to help us built Docunify. Each of them is a leader in its domain of expertise, with proven track record and a solid financial and operational platform. When you register for Docunify, you will benefit from all this expertise embedded in just one tool. SIMPLE.

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    About Docusign

    Worldwide leader in Electronic Signature. More than 50 million users in 188 countries for more than 100,000 customers. 10 of the top 15 U.S. financial services companies and 13 of the top 15 U.S. insurance carriers use DocuSign.

    World-class legal protection of e-signatures. Click here for more details

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    About Authy

    Authy Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is trusted by over 10,000 websites and mobile apps. Authy is used for Ebay, LinkedIN and Facebook 2FA login. Member of Twilio Group, a Cloud communication Leader with customers like Coca-Cola, Paypal, Uber, The Home Depot or Sprint.

    Security is more than a password

    More information on www.authy.com

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    Dimension Data

    About Dimension Data

    Leader in technology and datacenters. Member of NTT Group, with revenues of USD 8 billion in 2014. 28,000 employees worldwide. Serves 72% of the Fortune 100 and 60% of the Fortune 500 companies. PSF company in Luxembourg.

    Transform your data centre to enable business growth

    More information on www.dimensiondata.com

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    About Opentrust

    OpenTrust is a leading provider of trusted identity‐based solutions for protecting credentials, data and transactions. OpenTrust is also an internationally recognized Certification Authority. OpenTrust’s two major
    product lines are 1- Trusted Identities, featuring strong authentication and certificate lifecycle management for any type of media or device (PC, smartphone, tablet, badge, token) and 2- Trusted Documents & Transactions, featuring digital signatures, confidentiality and proof
    management. OpenTrust operates in Europe, the Middle East and the USA


Are my uploaded documents safe?

YES. Documents you have uploaded are stored safely on data servers in the location you will select during the registration process. We have selected Dimension Data to ensure data storage, security and integrity of data. Dimension Data is licensed by the Luxembourg Financial Authority to store data from financial and commercial corporations

What is a digital signature?

An electronic signature, or e-signature, is an electronic indication of intent to agree to or approve the contents of a document.

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature. Digital signatures are based on a specific technology that enables users to ensure the authenticity of the signer and to trust that a signature is valid through the use of digital certificates and a public and private key pair.

Digital signature is the most secured electronic signature on the market.

What is the OpenTrust Certificate ?

Every digital signature created in an envelope is secured by a OpenTrust certificate. OpenTrust is the leading European provider of software and cloud trust services that protects the identities of people and devices, and for securing electronic documents and transactions. OpenTrust’s digital signature complies with European Regulations on electronic identification and trusted services.

What is an envelope ?

An envelope is a signature bundle that includes a document to sign (no matter the number of individuals to sign the document), SMS authentication for each individual, a unique ID for the document, audit trail, full encryption and an individual Opentrust Certificate for the transaction (protects the identities of people and devices, and for securing electronic documents and transactions; OpenTrust’s digital signature complies with European Regulations on electronic identification and trusted services).

How will I be billed ?

Docunify will send the Client Master User an electronic invoice on a quarterly basis. The first invoice will cover the period between your activation date and the end of the quarter and will include set up costs if applicable.

What is the duration of the contract?

Contracts are for a one-year initial period and will be extended each year except if you notify us of your desire to terminate the relationship at least three months before the anniversary of the contract. There are no termination or penalty fees applicable when terminating the contract at the anniversary date.

Why is Pack S mentioned as ‘Restricted’?

Very often, companies are in a group structure or related such as subsidiaries, a general partner, an advisory company or SPVs (special purpose vehicle) used for investments. Pack S is available for these related companies only and they are connected to the Main Client.

What is the User permission ?

A User has access to the document database for the Client, to the calendar management tool, can preview documents, download and sign documents. Access to the personal Safe as an option.

What is the Super User permission ?

In addition of the functionalities of a User, a Super User has full access to the document management tool (including upload), calendar management and request for documents to be signed.

What is the Master User permission ?

In addition to the functionalities of a Super User, A Master User is the Client administrator. He/She has full access to the platform for the Client and will create Super Users and Users. The Master User will have access to statistics and client package management.

Are there extra costs ?

An up front set-ups cost amounting EUR 500 (VAT Excl) applies on the M, L and XL Packs creation. No set-up fees apply for Pack S. There are no other fees applied to our relation on top of the Pack fee. Should you exceed the volumes included in your Pack, then extra usage fees will apply according to the rate card detailed in the contract.