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DOCUNIFY is a secure digital collaboration platform for medium to large firms involved in administration matters with multiple counterparts. Docunify  core offer consists of a secured collaboration environment coupled with a series of features to enhance the experience, improve productivity of your teams, generate savings in time and money. Docunify platform is hosted in Tier IV data centres in Luxembourg, which is the highest security standard currently available in the world.

Docunify was created in 2015 in Luxembourg based on idea to change the way documents were produced and exchanged. Instead of sending documents, emails or express mails multiple times to have multiple people reviewing, signing or commenting, it might be more efficient to host the document is one secure location and invite the people to access the document where it is hosted and work from there !

Docunify is a one-stop-shop platform on-boarding features like eIDAS compliant digital signature, Data Rooms for private equity or M&A operations, processes of invoice validation, executive and board meeting organization and documentation, creation of structured document packs for board meeting or committees, creation, validation and execution of financial reports, board resolutions, convening notices, B2B agreements and a lot more.
Docunify is also a data BCP/DRP (Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery Plan) solution for clients who need have their data replicated in  safe environment and available at any time, even in the worst case scenario of a full crash of their IT environment.
For larger firms wishing to have Docunify fully customized to their brand and graphic requirements, we offer dedicated instances of our web application -full white labeling-. We create for them a specific environment, with their own URL, user databases and colored web interface. Docunify becomes our clients’ own web application towards their clientèle.

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