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You need your own data rooms because it adds value to your business:

  • It helps you to realize things that are missing in your organization (gap analysis).
  • It makes you ready for growth with a proper system for finding quickly the relevant information you need.
  • When third parties are looking at you (clients, suppliers, investors) you will appear as well organized and a reliable counterpart.

As you are certainly properly organized, just make the final step through Docunify.

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Exchanging information via an attachment to an email is not secure or reliable enough. This is particularly the case when you deal with sensitive information. Also, you regularly face size issues trying to share large files with your counterparts.

With Docunify’s Datalink you can share information with secured links. You define the validity time of your link and your counterparts may instantly access the file for download in a dedicated page.

No device to install nor register needed.

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The world is facing mounting pressure to respond to an increasingly digital world. In parallel, the evolution with new technologies lead to extensive use of remote solutions using smartphones and tablets.

In that context the use of the Docunify’ signature system helps you get the job done without sacrificing legality or security. You save time, paper, money and get a document properly executed at the same time.

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Dedicated Instance gives your business incredible visibility!

With the Docunify Dedicated Instances (DDI), you differentiate your business and create a unique digital branding in order to stand out in the crowd. Docunify becomes our clients’ own web application towards their clientele.

We create for you a specific environment to meet your needs and operations. Our team would be happy to assess on how to integrate your environment with Docunify.

Derived from the dedicated instance, Docunify proposes the creation of IOS and Android Apps or desktop apps pointing to the DDI content and graphically tailored to the client’s request. You can then offer access to your dedicated instance to your customers through an App downloaded from the App store of Apple or the Marketplace for Android devices.

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