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Originally created by end-users to remedy weaknesses and inefficiencies of data management and document collaboration.

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We save your time and improve your efficiency as you work directly within the Docunify environment.

At Docunify, we trust reliability and pleasure can work together. Your user experience is key to us.

Security is our primary focus while always considering ease of use. Security is not a constraint, it is a partner.


Docunify offers paperless collaborative platforms allowing production and sharing, review and validation as well as execution of documents. Our customers instantly improve the digital perception of their corporate brand and increase their value. All that while generating important savings in time and money.

Docunify is a one-stop-shop platform on-boarding features like eIDAS compliant digital signature, Data Rooms for private equity or M&A operations, processes of invoice validation, executive and board meeting organization and documentation, creation of structured document packs for board meeting or committees, creation, validation and execution of financial reports, board resolutions, convening notices, B2B agreements and a lot more.

Smart, easy, friendly, secure and responsive are our key words.

  • Entirely cloud based – no local install required

  • Any devices – full responsive, mobile, tablet & laptop

  • Single sign-on (SSO) – use your company Active Directory

  • Disaster recovery – compliant BCP/DRP solution

  • Access from anywhere – fully portable web-based solution

  • Real-time backups – real time mirroring and backup on remote location


Your personal data belongs to you

Docunify encrypted platform protects your privacy by ensuring that only you can access your data. Your confidential documents are completely safeguarded from unauthorized access. We can’t read your files and no one else can either.

GDPR info available at any time on your profile

All data we have about you are available 24/7/365 to you. From your user profile, download the summary of all information we have and those we share with our subcontractors. Docunify never shares personal information of users to third party, for whatever reason.

Account security controls

2-FA Authentication at login, user permissions management, user feature- access management, custom passwords, time-limited datalinks and user notifications by email and SMS available.

It’s so Private !


It’s so Secured !


Manage your account from a global dashboard
View Stats, manager teams and users, add extra licences, manage renewal periods and access your invoices all from one dashboard.

Manager user permissions to access folders
Organize the access to your storage architecture : create and maintain the users/folders authorization matrix.

Manager user permissions to access features and controls
Select amongst 40+ criteria to define each user level of access and interaction on the platform.

Create roles and user type that best fit with your organization and your own internal procedures
Creating user type and roles allow you to standardize the profiles of your users: select the criteria for one or several types of users.
When you create new users after that, no need to go through all the criteria again: just connect the user with the type he/she should fit in.

It’s so flexible !


We made it easy for your IT organization

No local install on servers on your side, no hardware, software or firewall licenses to buy, no maintenance required by your staff or on-site visits from external consultants.

Deployment of Docunify in multiple jurisdictions in one day

Deploy teams data hosting in several jurisdictions like Luxembourg, Ireland, France and the UK just with a few clicks. Transparent for the users, the teams’ documents will be hosted in servers located in several jurisdictions to comply with local hosting requirements.

Full dedicated Docunify instance to connect you with your clients as if Docunify were yours

Your colors, your branding, customized email and SMS communications, use of your own Active Directory for SSO.

It’s so easy !

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